Answered: <VEX U> SG1 and the 24" robot

Due to the position of the skyrise autoloader and the goal post closest to the opposite starting tile, it might not be possible for a “maxed out” 24" VEX U robot to start on the tile while not touching any other tiles because the tiles themselves are only 24" and the autoloader and goal would effectively limit the size of the robot.

Last year, robots were allowed to start touching the bump in order to not limit their starting size beyond the 24" by too much. Could a similar allowance be made for this year so teams do not have to worry about whether their robot passes the 24" sizing AND fits on the tile at the start of the match?

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Good question! VEX U teams will be allowed to have their larger Robot (i.e. The one inspected under the 24" x 24" x 24" rule, ) touch any of the Autoloader, Skyrise Base, or Low Goal adjacent to their own Alliance Starting Tile.

Thank you Karthik.

You’re welcome!

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