Answered: [VEX U] Skills and Programming Hanging

From this thread we see that both Robots have to start on the same color tile.

From Appendix E Vex U, the only rules modifications are.

1. Teams will compete with both of their robots at the same time, with each robot starting in a legal starting
position, and all rules applying to both robots.
2. Robot Skills Matches will be thirty (30) seconds long.
3. Programming Skills Matches will be forty-five (45) seconds long.

So to our understanding is just two robots on the field with less time, everything else is high school rules. Is that assumption correct?

Now Rule states:

 In a Robot Skills Match, all Scoring Objects **and Bars are considered to be the same color** for
purposes of any rules or definitions.

Next questions is, are both robots allowed to hang in opposite bars, ie one robot hangs on blue while the other hangs on red?

Thanks in advanced Karthik

Everything else is VEX U rules. (i.e. Different sized Robots, additional material usages, etc.)

Yes, this is allowed.

Awesome, Thanks Karthik!

You’re welcome.

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