Answered: Vex U Skills Challenges

Based on this thread you previously answered:

As well as the appendix E skill challenge section quoted below:

There seem to be some ambiguity due to the nature of having two robots

Q1: Can one robot start on the starting tile and the other robot start on a blue starting tile? (assume all robot specifications are legal)

Q2: How many total stacks are available? (7 or 14?)

Thanks Karthik!

It appears you’re quoting a previous year’s VEX U Appendix. Here’s what the VEX Skyrise - Appendix E - VEX U document says:

No, please see above.

14 Skyrise Section are available. Please see above. Also, please see the following Q&A where we clarified that in the VEX U Skills Challenges, teams do have access to both Skyrise Bases.