Answered: [VEX U] Wire Loom

Wondering if the use of Wire Loom would be legal to add a better aesthetic to our robots?

This would be purely non-functional by nature. We believe adding this would not increase the performance of our robot simply because it only adds to neatness of our wiring. We also feel there isn’t much about this in the rules to where if a team were to question it we could be penalized for this, so we are just covering our bases here.

Our logic is as follows, if a team were to consider this an “Unfair advantage” to them in the course of a game in the sense of “protecting wires” we simply are taking it into our own hands that our robots internal electronics are not tampered with by teams whom may see it to be beneficial to follow a course of action to where entanglement is a part of their strategy. Our view is that the addition of this material is completely aesthetic as the robot would operate the same without it. However, if this were considered illegal, we will gladly comply and remove it for the sake of legality.

I have provided a picture for a better example of what we mean, the wire shown has not been modified in any way just neatened up a bit inside the Loom.

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  • Andrew

No, this is not legal. This is a functional enhancement.

We will consider making a specific allowance for this in the future, but for VEX Toss Up, this is illegal.

Like I said we will comply. However I Would like an explanation as to why this is performance enhancing, just for future reference.


There are multiple ways this is functional Shrouding your wire in this fashion allows you to route your wires down paths that would normally not be available. Also, the degree of protection provided by this shrouding is not something that can be easily achieved by using VEX legal materials.

Alright thanks karthik! As it is sad news to our division we will comply.


You’re welcome!

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