Answered: Vex Wire Connectors

Does anybody know where I could buy some of the same type connectors vex is using? I would like to add some accessories to the bot on the available 5v outputs.

Here are the connectors I use. They are not keyed, so it is possible to plug the connector in backwards if you are not careful, but they work great. You have to buy the connector shell and the pins separately. It is also a good idea to buy the crimping tool to crimp the pins to the wires.

From Housing (note: 10-position shown)Jameco p/n 157382CJ Pins - Jameco p/n 145358 pins - Jameco p/n 100765CJ Tool - Jameco p/n 159265CJ also bought some 20-position 2-row connectors that can be cut down and used to make 2x3 connectors - Jameco p/n 103229CJ
and some 36-pin housings that can be cut to any length - Jameco p/n 103157CJ

Thanks! That’s exactly what I was looking for.