Answered: VEXnet Competition Test Switch questions?

I built the VEXnet Competition Test Switch per the schematic (10/21/09)and it didn’t work – so I probably did something wrong. Questions

  1. The 8 pin plug is connected to Team1. I connected it into the VEXnet Transmitter Competition port – was this the wrong place or did I need to use the hardware from your website with this test switch hardware?

  2. What is ground in your drawing? Pin 7? I connected pins 1,4,7 together assuming
    pin 7 was internal ground. Is this correct? IF not, where do I find ground?

**Yes, you should connect a CAT5 cable from the J1 connector of the Test Switch to the Competition Port on the VEXnet Transmitter Upgrade Unit.

Yes, pins 1, 4, and 7 should be connected together and they are ground. The Diagram has been updated to show the orientation of pin 1 on the connector. The connector shown in the Diagram applies to both the Test Switch and the TX Upgrade Unit. Also note the orientation on the locking tab on the connector you use. Both of these areas could cause the control lines to be swapped end to end. **

Dear Forum,
VEXnet Competition Test cable operational. Labeling of Pin 1 found helpful.

Glad the update helped.