Answered: VEXnet Connection Problems

I have been having problems with VEXnet since the day I received it. I have the tenth version of the master code installed and the updated easyC. Once I link the transmitter and receiver together it will run fine for a few seconds then it will stop and a red light will flash on the receiver then it will connect again. It keeps on doing this and will not stop. Every once in a while it will run fine for a few minutes then it will start again. I have tried re-linking the two keys, reloading the master code and file with no luck. I am not sure what to do because I have a competition in less than a month. Any help is appreciated!

I really need to get this figured out I have an upcoming tournament in a few weeks and practice sessions this weekend. I am beginning to think that I have something wrong with my vexnet, because I have repaired, reinstalled, and re-linked everything just as it says for compatibility. And I can get it to work just not very long so there is definitely some connection issues. Thanks!

Do you have a complete system that does work or at least some spare VEXnet Keys that you can try?

I contacted a member from IFI and I had to send them both my bridges to get them re-programmed with the new master code. The code was causing the problems. Thanks!