Answered: VexNet Issues

During the whole day we’ve have been trying to connect with the robot with our VexNet keys but the Robot light always went RED. We turned it on/off several times until it worked out. But suddenly the Robot light in the VexNet Adapter became Green and flashing.

We have two micro’s and BOTH have the same issue. Green light on Robot is flashing and nothing works on them. We followed a guide here on Vex Forums which said to hit the config button in a specific pattern but still it didn’t work.

It’s weird that it is happening on both Micro’s at the same time. We have tried everything. We haven’t touch the config button in one of the micros so…

Please help us out :frowning:

**The config button procedure should only be used to resolve transmitter based issues only - not with robot side (receiver) issues.

At this point you will need to give us a call here at your convenience to have your problem resolved: 903-453-0802**