Answered: VexNet Key Rule


I was reading the competition rules yesterday and I noticed a rule regarding the VexNet key:

My question is:


AFAIK, the VexNet works using 802.1.1 G Wifi, which is/was used with most WiFi routers, and the signal was adequate for a normal house. I also doubt that the signal could be interfered/cut off by the metal, as it can go through a normal household wall.

So, my question is: Why the heck is this rule in place, as the furthest possible distance that you can be from your robot is ~25 feet?:confused::confused:

This rule is in place to minimize the chance of teams inadvertently weakening their own VEXnet signal.

But its Wifi G… This stuff can go through residential houses. Its a real PITA because it adds another issue of mounting the key. Please remove this rule for next year.

The Game Design Committee reviews all rules every year; we’ve made specific note of this concern.

Thank you very much, Karthik. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.