Answered: VEXnet Key

After about 3 weeks of everything communicating perfectly, Saturday morning practice was stopped cold by loss of communication between the robot and joystick controller. OK, turn them off, turn them back on, wait, everything “pairs”, green lights, it goes for a few seconds and stops, lights flash red, yellow, green, every combination possible.

We tried it a couple different times with the same results. When I went to switch the keys, I know it does not matter, but the kids insisted we try it anyway, one of the keys was hot to the touch and I also noticed that this key would start blinking blue once the pairing would fail. This blinking would happen on this key only regardless of which slot you put it in; robot or joystick.

I read a post of someone having a similar problem and I think it was determined that the key was bad. They stated that when they connected the robot to the joystick directly with the usb cord, it worked properly. I tried this and ours works this way as well.

Do I have a bad key and what should I do? I’ve order a couple spares but they are expensive. Can I get my bad one (ones) replaced?

Coach/Mentor for Teams 5375A&B
The Valley School, Flint, MI


Please contact [email protected] and request a RMA form for the return of your VEXnet Keys.