Answered: Vexnet LED codes?

When using the Vexnet addon I get a red light on the “Robot” LED on both the microcontroller addon and the transmitter addon. The light stays on for about 2 seconds and then turns off for a small amount of time, and then turns on again, etc. Kind of like a reverse blip.

What does this mean?

The VEX wiki has a LED code document at The red color indicates the robot battery is low or was low. The single blink indicates transmitter 1 is on.

The LED code page states that a red LED means the battery is low, yet it says nothing about a reverse blip, unless that’s what “solid+1 blink” means.

Even so, we have tried multiple batteries, and charged beforehand as well.

**You are correct about the solid+1 blink. The 1 blink means it sees only 1 transmitter. If the LED is on solid with no blinks, it sees 2 transmitters.

It turns RED if it ever detects a low/no battery or intermittent connection. To see if you have an intermittent connect, disconnect your backup battery. Now move all your main power connections (7.2V) around and see if the unit ever resets – if it does, you have an intermittent connection somewhere.**