ANswered: VEXnet modules dead

I am in a fall league (non-VEX, but we have a VEX portion), and we have around 17 teams.

We just completed our third competition with VEXnet and around 10 of the teams have either had faulty VEXnet modules or they have failed. 4 today.

Did you guys (Innovation FIRST) test the VEXnet system before releasing it?

Can you guys send me a new VEXnet transmitter upgrade and mc upgrade before Thursday? I do not have the actual module, the vex head of the league has all of them.

**Yes we, as well as the software support companies test products before they are released. Unfortunately,” bugs” in the code can be intermittent, and sometimes are not found until the User invokes issues, that are only exposed, under the wide variations that different Users can create.

Replacing a unit is not our normal procedure. You should check your software’s web site for updates that may solve your issue. Otherwise, you should contact our Tech-Support, as you may need a RMA Number to return the unit to us.**