Answered - Vexnet problem

The controller and joystick are not establishing a connection.
We have:
Re-downloaded robotC 3.54.
Thru RobotC have downloaded/updated Master CPU firmware.
Thru RobotC -Download Firmware tab - both joystick and cortex - Completed Automatic Updates.
Had success with a “hard tether”.

But when vexnet keys used, the Vexnet LED on cortex signals flashing red, and the joystick signals flashing yellow.

What are your thoughts as to the problem?

thanks in advance,


My thought is your VEXnet Key that flashes Red in the Cortex is the problem. Try swapping the VEXnet Keys in the Cortex and Joystick. If the VEXnet Key in the Joystick now flashes Red, that Key is no longer functioning correctly and needs to be replaced. Please contact Vex Support by email at or call the Tech Support at 903-453-0802.