Answered: Vexnet question

Hi we were wondering about the Vexnet for the competition. At the world championships they allowed the vexnet upgrade kit and the cortex microcontroller. While looking at the vexnet upgrade kit since are competition is soon we found that they discontinued the vexnet upgrade kit. We planned on ordering the Cortex instead but it is on back order.
So our question is if we would be able to still use the vexnet upgrade kit for Round Up. We are asking because they discontinued it, and also we want are robot be able to play at are competition. Is there something different about the round up field program or the program to run the competition with VExnet. Thank you so much. Oh please forgive me Iao this was an emergency6 so I am using your old account. Thank you so much. 'Mahalo

Yes, the VEXnet upgrade kit is legal for Round Up. Also, most tournaments will allow both VEXnet and Crystals.