Answered: VEXnet Upgrade utility not working / crashes

I can’t update the firmware on my transmitter or my robot. When I turn either of them on, 3 solid red LEDs come on (Joystick, Vexnet, and GAME), and they won’t pair to each other. When I try to update the firmware by holding down the config button and then plugging it in to my computer, the VEXnet upgrade utility recognizes it but it doesn’t recognize the current master firmware version (it shows “Master: ?”). When I try to download the firmware the status bar goes about half way and then freezes. It’s as if my Joystick and my Microcontroller are bricked :confused:

**Try rebooting your PC. Then try the Tool again.

Make sure you do not have 2 Tools running at the same time. Open your Windows Task Manager and look under Applications, make sure there is only one “usbhidio” listed. If you see more than 1 listed when the tool is running, close the Tool and Select “End Task” for the remaining “usbhidio” applications listed in the Task Manager. Now try the Tool again.

Also trying using a PC running Windows XP if you are not already, provided you have one available. **