Answered: VEXnet USB Adapter

I was reading on your site in the 'Future Features" - /VEXNet-Upgrade-Bundles.shtml - that you’re planning the following -“Plugging the VEXnet USB Adapter into your PC will allow for programming, debugging, and driving from the PC.”
Do you know when they plan to roll this out? Would something like this be open source? Does VEX have programmers that someone can contract to do some programming?

Thanks, Gunnar.

This feature will be implemented in easyC and ROBOTC software. I have not heard of a date for this feature and I do not believe it is in work yet.

As for open source, VEXnet is a closed (not open) communication protocol. For more information see VEXnet vs. VEX PRO ARM9 + 802.11b/g.

If you are looking for an open source option, look at the VEX ARM9 Microcontroller. This has full 802.11b/g capabilities and is perfect for Robot-to-PC type applications.