Answered: Vexnet will not work with RC controller

I just received my Vexnet upgrade kit. I have successfully set it up and have downloaded several programs using the wireless link. I have also been able to use the wireless print-to-screens.

However I can not get any RC control programs to work. The robot LEDs are both slowly flashing red. I know that there is no problem with my controller. But when I use the wireless link it acts like it is getting no signal from the controller (though the Tx upgrade is working correctly)

Thanks for coming out with this product and for the help

First, make sure there is not a code issue my downloading Master Code and Default Code to the VEX 0.5 Microcontroller. Since you are using the VEXnet Upgrade, you must use the new “WiFi Master Code ver 8” and “WiFi Default Firmware” which can be found on our Downloads Page.

Ahh, yes, thanks. I was not using the “Wifi Master Code ver 8”. I was using “Master Code ver 8”. But not the Wifi version. Thanks for the help and for coming out with the wireless link.

Titan 103

**We have updated the Downloads page and changed the names from WiFi to VEXnet, also the Master Code is version 9 to prevent any confusion from earlier releases. **