Answered: [VEXU] Custom Sensor Question


Would a modified wire that connects to a VEX sensor fall under the following clause in the VEXU appendix?

*There is NO restriction on sensors and additional electronics used for sensing and processing except as
a. Sensors and Electronics MUST be connected to the VEX Microcontroller, and can only be
connected via any of the externally accessible ports.
b. Sensors and Electronics CANNOT directly electrically interface with the VEX motors or motor
c. The additional Sensors and Electronics may only receive power from any of the following:
i. Directly from the VEX Microcontroller via any externally accessible port.
ii. From an additional VEX 7.2V Robot Battery or from a VEX 9.6V Transmitter Battery (only
one (1) additional battery can be used for sensor power.)
d. Additional Motors, Servos and Actuators are NOT allowed.
e. No R/F communication is allowed between robots. However other non R/F forms of communication
are permitted. (i.e. IR, ultrasonic, etc.)

The modification to the wire helps protect against static shock and is currently in use on other VEX products.

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This is legal, provided no rules are violated in the process. You should pay careful attention to clause b in the above quoted rule.

Thank you Karthik :slight_smile: ,we will make sure to pay special attention to that clause to maintain legality :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!

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