Answered: VEXU material allowed for 3D printing

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VUR2: Teams are allowed to fabricate their own unique VEX parts from the following additional items, for each
of their robots:
c. Two 3D printed parts, each less than 3” x 3” x 3”
d. Two 3D printed parts, each less than 3” x 6” x 12” (I know this is to be updated but for accuracy I provided the current rule)

It came up in conversation that a college team was planning on getting a sponsor to get them printed a titanium piece. Under the current rules this is legal. I kinda assumed that the ability to pay 20,000+ for a single part was so outlandish that it was overlooked.

If a team thinks a 2000+ printer is too expensive than wouldn’t an individual print that costs 10 times as much be too expensive as well.

Could your please provide clarification on if only plastic prints are allowed?

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Yes, this is correct. The 3D printed parts must be plastic. We will clarify this in the August 1st manual update.

Thanks :). And sorry that my question came off so accusatory.

You’re welcome! Don’t worry, it didn’t seem accusatory to us.

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