Answered: VexU: Multiple Motors in Single Casing

In your previous ruling, it was stated “We would need to get more details on this before providing a blanket ruling” in regard to my last question inquiring about multiple motors within one casing.
Therefore I have drafted up a design of what I was talking about.

Here is how the two motors would fit within a single 3-d printed casing (outer casing was made transparent for internal viewing):

In this picture the two motors output two shafts, there is no internal gearing mechanically connecting the motor systems.

In this picture below, there is the two motors outputting a single shaft, the internal gearing meshes together to output a single shaft.

So would having two motors inside a single casing be legal for vex U in both these scenarios pictured above? The only intended advantage this would provide is the saving of physical space.

Let me begin by saying that what you’ve designed is very cool and impressive. Unfortunately it is not legal. We’ve allowed simple mechanical modifications in the past that now affect motor performance. The modification you’ve presented extends beyond these bounds.