Answered: [VEXU] Pneumatic Component Legality Question


Our SMC distributor informed us that the fittings that VEX currently uses for their reservoirs, KQ2H03-34S, have been discontinued. We currently have an almost identical fitting, KQ2H01-35S, that serves an identical function.

Because of the shortage of discontinued fittings, are we allowed to use the newer fittings that serve the same function and do not provide any competitive edge?

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A few comments before Karthik rules on legality:

  1. We don’t believe SMC would discontinue or has discontinued that part.

  2. You can get functionally identical fittings from any number of places (here’s one:

  3. Our fitting is a 1/8" NPT + 5/32 tube or 4mm tube, but the fitting you linked doesn’t look like it will work. You say it is almost identical, but it doesn’t seem like it based on the specs I found online for that P/N. Are you sure you’re looking at the right item?


Hi, John,

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I’m sorry if I sent the incorrect part number, I’ve attached pictures of what we use. They have the same thread count and size as the vex fittings and connect to the same size tubing via the push connector. We have found that they are just as reliable as the fittings provided in the pneumatic kits. The only difference we seem to notice is that they are slightly smaller. We just wanted verification that they were 100% legal before we put them on our competition bots.

My coach is looking for the email we received from either our distributor or SMC about the part being discontinued… I thought that the part being discontinued was strange too.

In the event that our fittings are deemed too different, and therefore illegal, thank you for providing a link to where we can get identical fittings.

The fittings in the pictures appear to be functionally identical, and therefore are legal.

The fitting with P/N: KQ2H01-35S does not appear to be functionally identical, and as such would be illegal.

Thank you Karthik!!!

…my coach, and her budget, thank you too :slight_smile:

You’re all welcome!

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