Answered: VEXU Team "Number" Rules


What are the official team numbering rules for VEXU? VRC HS and MS requires 1-4 digits of 0-9 followed by up to one alphabetical character (Symbolically, {0,1}) I know Purdue uses BLRS and North American Robotics is NAR. I looked at the VEX U World Championship Team List and saw that there were some teams that had numbers following their team letters (i.e. UTEZ2). Is there a team numbering/lettering rule?

Thanks in advance

Generally speaking VEX U teams use the format [a-zA-Z]{0,4}[0-9]{0,1}, with the numeric character for institutions with more than one team. However there are additional restrictions to ensure all Team Numbers are appropriate.

Sweet, thanks for the quick response!

You’re welcome!

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