Answered: VEXU Use of Programming Port During Match for One-way Feedback

In VEXU, is it legal to have laptop or other visual device connected to the programming port of the joystick during a match using a one-way, robot-to-laptop data connection?
The purpose of this connection is to have a one-way feedback stream of data from the robot to the coach during a match via a laptop display. This data would include the robot’s predicted heading and position on the field along with other general statistics like motor speeds that would allow the coach to notify the driver of any issues such as error accumulation in the predicted position.
The connection would be one-way; if the laptop were disconnected at any time, the robot would continue to function in the exact same manner. In addition, all wireless functionality of the laptop would be disabled.

The relevant rule is quoted and directly addressed below.

Connecting a cable to the programming port is no more modifying the joystick as connecting to the field via the competition port.
In addition, the one-way communication stream in no way controls the robot.

Thank you for your time.

Yes, this is legal. Thank you for asking a detailed question that fully considers all the potential ramifications of the proposed solution.