Answered: VEXU <VUR6> Definition of Operator and Coach

  1. Does “operators” refer to the same people as “drivers” (i.e. does this mean each robot is allotted up to 2 drivers who must be post-secondary students)? Or, can a robot have 1 driver who is a post-secondary student and 2 non-post-secondary students who are in the alliance station but don’t drive the robot?

  2. What are “coaches”/non-drivers allowed to do? Can they load balls into the robot? Can they hold a joystick while a “driver” loads balls? The regular VRC game manual does not use these same terms and only limits the interactions of adults.

Each robot is allowed a maximum of one non post-secondary student in the Alliance Station. So a robot having two non post-secondary students in the Alliance Station would be illegal, even if both don’t touch a VEXnet Joystick.

Good question. Non post secondary students in VEX U will be treated with the same limitations as Adults in VRC. Thus they would not be allowed to touch the controls, interact with the Robot as per <SG5>, or to interact with Scoring Objects as per <SG6>.