Answered: Violation of <T03>

I was refereeing at a VEX event earlier today, and we ran into a tricky situation in Final 2. <T03> states:

We play Final 2, and Blue wins. We then get a complaint from a member of the Red alliance that Blue did not switch out their team and kept the same robots on the field for Final 1 and 2, and that this wasn’t fair. We had told both alliances to switch out robots before the match, however we didn’t double check before Final 2 as we assumed such a simple thing would be easy for the alliances.

What to do in case of a violation of <T03> is not in the game manual, and so we didn’t know what to do. After quite a bit of controversial discussion with our Head Referee and Event Partner, we decided to replay the match (with Blue properly switched out) which resulted in Red winning, and thus Red winning the tournament. The decision to replay the match sparked a lot of questions on behalf of coaches and drivers on the Blue alliance, including false allegations that Red didn’t switch out either.

What was the right thing to do here? Continue because it was our fault we didn’t check they rotated? DQ the alliance because they failed to follow <T03>? Or replay the match with a Blue robot switched out like we did? Thank you!

This is a difficult situation. It is both the responsibility of the teams and the referees to ensure that robots are properly switched out in the elimination rounds. Since both parties (The referees and the Blue Alliance team members) made a mistake here, replaying the match seems to be the most appropriate solution.

Thanks Karthik for answering this tricky question!

You’re welcome!

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