Answered: <VUR7> Clarification

Hello Karthik,
@phantom285A, @JustinM, and I were discussing this, and were wondering about the legality. I’ve quoted the rules below.

states nothing about pneumatic system modifications. If one were to follow C, and legally design and print a reservoir, would that be considered legal?
I understand that the goal of the rule in high school is to limit the use of pneumatics so that the playing field is more level, but would this(3D printing a reservoir provided that it follows C) be a legal method of expanding the pneumatic system in VEXU?

No, absolutely not. There is a significant safety hazard when pressurizing homemade pneumatic devices. This is not legal in the VRC or VEX U, and we urge you to use extreme caution if you do decide to experiment with this outside of competition.