Answered: WC Programming Skills Questions

OK so after reading the revised rules for the PSC at worlds, I have a couple questions.

  1. PSC5ii states that you can bring the robot back into the starting tile when it is partially touching it. So let’s assume that this has been done and the robot is now fully within the alliance tile. Can the robot then be repositioned so that it is only partially touching the tile?

  2. PSC5iii is a bit unclear to me. After reading the first sentence, I think it means that we cannot reposition the robot so that it is only partially touching the alliance tile in preparation for it to pick up pieces or score on a nearby goal. Am I correct?

  3. Would this scenario of events be legal? The robot is driving autonomously to the alliance starting tile. As soon as part of it contacts the alliance tile, it is brought fully into the tile. It is then repositioned so that only part of it contacts the tile. A bumper is hit and the robot is then sent off to pick up a piece or score on a goal. My second question may answer this but I wanted to be clear with my intentions.


This is addressed in quoted below:

Thus, if you reposition the robot, it cannot be touching any grey foam tiles.

Please see the answer to your previous question. After interacting with your robot, it must be returned to a legal starting position as per . This means that it must be touching an Alliance Starting Tile, and not touching any grey foam tiles.

No, this is not legal. Please see above.

Ok thanks Karthik!

You’re welcome!