Answered: Weighted Movable Bases

Today, our team went to a competition in Sandy, Oregon. We found that the movable weighted bases behaved differently from what we were expecting. We practice at our home school with 12lb bases, while they had 8lb bases. Thus, the bases were a lot easier to push around and tip and generally more unstable.

It’s not a huge deal, but my question is: for the World Championships in Orlando, is there going to be a specific weight of the bases, or will it just be in the same range of 8 to 12lbs?

The VEX Round Up Manual states the following regarding the Movable Weighted Bases:

The intent is to have the movable weighted bases filled completely to the top with sand, such that the CoG of the base does not change as it is tipped. All tournaments should be filling the goals completely with sand, with the weight being a secondary concern.

Alright, thank you for clearing things up!