Answered: Weights of parts (in particular metal)

A bit over a year ago Legomindstormmaniac had asked about the weights of parts. JVN said that there were people working on it. Around March I had asked again if there was any update and was told the weights would be available “very soon”. I’m still not seeing anything on VEX’s website so I’m wondering if I’m missing something or if they aren’t ready yet. If they aren’ then when will they be?

We have started to enter the weight of individual parts (starting mostly with Structure) on the Web site and will continue to over the next few weeks.

Thanks for your patience!

I also apologize for the delay. Everything has a priority, and unfortunately more pressing & urgent issues keep popping up. This request hasn’t been lost, it’s just delayed.


Alright, thanks. That’s good to know.

So I’ve been checking pretty regularly and tonight I noticed that the weights are up on a number of parts. Thanks a ton!