Answered: Welcome Kit

teams from outside the U.S will get the welcome kit too?

Yes, the Welcome Kits are provided for every team that completes their team registration for this competition season on The only issue for international teams is the shipping cost, which can be quite high on an individual basis. What we are doing at the request of groups in a few countries is waiting until all or most teams have registered and then sending all the welcome kits in one shipment to that country. Once it arrives, the particular event partner or supporter in that area oversees getting the Welcome Kits distributed to each team.

So in the case of Brazil, if you think the majority of teams can coordinate together and make sure they all get registered, we’d be happy to make arrangements to have all the welcome kits delivered in one shipment to help save the teams the shipping costs. Just have one of your event organizers give us a call (or email) and we’ll get it all worked out.

Let me know if that helps answer your question or if you need me to clarify anything.

Thank you for answering our question, we’ll get in touch with the brazilian event organizers.