Answered: What are we allowed to bring into the Driver's Station?

Specifically, we would like the following items to be whitelisted:

*]A laptop, with wifi disabled.
*]A router, powered but NOT transmitting
*]An infrared transmitter connected to the laptop, which will NOT be used during the match
*]Many ethernet cables, which will be disconnected from the robot before the match starts

This is specifically for VEXU, but I guess the question could apply to the high school division, too.

This is legal.

Provided you can prove to field personnel that all wireless functionality has been disabled, this would be legal. However, the onus is on you to prove this. If field personnel have any doubt, this would not be allowed in the Alliance Station.

You will need to prove that this transmitter is not capable of transmitting during the match.

Yes, this is legal.

We want to ensure that there is no wireless communication taking place as well as ensuring that you are not communicating with the Robot in anyway. If there is any doubt, these items will not be permitted.