Answered: what does it mean to "eject" an object from the field

G-8 states that

So I was wounding, if you had to be in possession of the object to ‘eject’ it?

What if robot#1 shoots a ball from the hanging zone which bounces off the top of robot#2 that was in the goal zone and out of the field. Which robot ejected it?

What if robot#2 consistently used it as a strategy? would that be legal?

I hope you’re not wounding too badly. You may want to see a doctor about that. :stuck_out_tongue:

From what is described here, it seems like neither Robot is intentionally removing Scoring Objects from the field, thus neither would be in violation

If a Robot is intentionally deflecting Scoring Objects out of the field, this would be a violation of <G8>.

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Thanks Karthik!

I think symptoms can be traced to thinking about choke-hold strategies too often :wink:


You’re welcome!

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