Answered: what is the output of the chargers?

So after the wrong input voltage was put into our charger, transformer output was 18.5V 2.2A and 30W (i know it wasn’t a good idea). Our charger does not work anymore, the LED’s no not light up and the unloaded output voltage is around 22V. So would anyone here be able to tell me what the output is supposed to be? I am wondering if just the LED’s have stopped working any help is appreciated thanks.

BTW we are also getting about 22V from the official vex transformers (powered by a 240V-115V step down transformer) is this normal?

The battery outputs will be around 18 – 22 volts with no load and the output from the AC Adapter will be around 24 volts, so it seems that the unload outputs are correct. However, we do not recommend using a charger with possible damage/stressed internal components.

Thank you for your reply, we are buying a new charger this morning on the way to our competition.

Good luck at your competition!

Thanks there may be hope for our old charger though under load from one battery it is outputting a constant 7.84V.

I think it will be fine from the voltages you are seeing but I would not leave it unsupervised …

Thank you for all your fast reply’s i thought so too and am charging a battery at the moment and checking the voltage every 5 minutes or so and also checking if the battery is getting overly warm.