Answered: Wheel leg side-suckers: Entanglement risk?

Hi Karthik.

One of the common ways to manipulate big balls this year is to mount a pair of wheel legs above the buckyball intake. You can see an example in team 21’s reveal video. The robot is very impressive.

The problem with these intakes is that they tend to get stuck in things. Sometimes they get stuck in the barrier or friendly robots, but quite often they get stuck in opponent robots. They thus pose a risk of entanglement.

However, they are very common. You can see them in many of the Toss Up videos on Youtube. I suppose no one thought they would cause issues until after many teams started using them, and now they cause the majority of entanglements at our scrimmages.

My questions are:

  • Should a robot using wheel legs as a big ball intake in this way pass inspection? Will these robots pass inspection at Worlds?
  • If a robot using this sort of mechanism does pass inspection, and during a match they become unintentionally entangled with an opposing robot, should they be disqualified under <R2>? If not, should they be disqualified under <G11> if the entanglement affects the outcome of the match?

Our Nationals run from the 1st to the 2nd of March, so an answer this week would be much appreciated.

Oliver Wilson

Yes, and yes. These mechanisms do not pose an unnecessary risk of entanglement.

No, and no. This type of incidental entanglement is not punishable under <G11>.

Good luck at Nationals, and thank you for volunteering!