Answered: Wheelchair in Alliance Station (<G4>)

My coach is in a wheelchair and we are wondering if an exception could be made to <G4> so that he can have a less restrictive position in the Alliance Station. Our intent is not to give him a competitive advantage over other coaches, but rather to allow him to coach effectively and have a view the entire playing field.

If he were to coach within the limits of <G4>, he would not be able to see the area surrounding the opposing alliance’s Hanging Bar and in some scenarios the game clock.

He believes that the least restrictive spot for him in the Alliance Station would be off to either the left or right side of the field and to have the Alliance Station tape between the front edge of the back wheel of his wheelchair and the black crossbar between the spokes of the back wheel on his wheelchair in the picture attached.

We would like to know if his proposed spot would be acceptable and if not, is there another spot that would be acceptable?
2013-07-23 23.07.24.jpg

Yes, this is legal. Please make sure to contact the Event Partner for the events you will be attending to let them know your situation, so they make sure that there is space for your wheelchair in either the spot that has been described, or another equitable spot around the field.

We will be sure to do so.

Thanks Karthik

You’re welcome!

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