Answered: When does a Pin end?

Hi Karthik.
The pinning rules are as follows:

(Emphasis added)

By requiring that the Pinning robot be two feet away from the Pinned robot to end the Pin, the language in <SG3> would suggest that a Pinned robot can maintain a Pin against the wishes of the Pinning team by following the Pinning robot and remaining within two feet. According to the most literal reading of the rules this would force a disqualification, since warnings are not an available penalty in the case of Pinning. This would clearly be an abuse of the rules, and we doubt that it fits with the intent of the GDC.

It also sometimes happens as part of normal gameplay that the Pinning robot chooses to back off in the same direction that the Pinned robot chooses to move once they are released. In these cases we also doubt that the GDC intended for the Pinning robot to be disqualified.

In Auckland, we’ve been enforcing this rule according to one of a few possible common-sense interpretations: a Pin or Trap (noun) ends when the Pinning or Trapping robot is 2 feet away from where they were when Pinning or Trapping (verb) ceased.

The question is this: What is the actual point from which a Pinning robot needs to be 2 feet away in order to break a pin?

This is an intelligent, common sense interpretation of the rule. The definition of Pinning says that an opposing Robot must be inhibiting the movement of a Robot. Thus, if the Pinned Robot is following the Pinning Robot around, this is not Pinning.