Answered: When skyrise building, are you protected by <SG9> i

A Red robot is attempting to build its Skyrise. It is touching a grey unprotected tile, so it is not protected by <SG9>d. Is it legal for a blue robot to contact this red robot in a way that interferes with its building of the Skyrise, provided that no clauses are violated?

These previous threads suggest so:

Parking a robot near the opponents’ alliance tiles in a place that inhibits Skyrise building IS an <SG9> violation. 12 April 2014, asked by That guy.

While a robot that is partly outside of the protected area is no longer protected under <SG9d>, it is still illegal for an opposing robot to interfere with that robot’s building of the Skyrise. 24 September 2014, asked by FullMetalMentor.

These previous threads suggest not:

Blocking access to the unprotected tile between the two alliance starting tiles is NOT an <SG9> violation, even if it does interfere with Skyrise building. 29 September 2014, asked by FullMetalMentor.

Bumping into a robot that is trying to build a section but is touching an unprotected tile, thereby causing it to drop a section, is NOT an <SG9> violation. 17 November 2014, asked by PYRObotics.

Additionally: Does it matter whether the blue robot actively makes contact with the red robot, or whether it simply stays still to block an area the red robot needs to use to build the Skyrise?

There appears to be some contradiction in what has been said previously.

New Zealand Nationals is this Saturday. If you are able to answer this by Saturday Morning our time that would be very helpful. Thank you for all your work, Karthik.

Please re-read the previous responses carefully.

Thanks Karthik.

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