Answered: Where, if anywhere, are you mounting monitors on the field?

Despite their never being in the field specifications, at Worlds (and at some local competitions), there have been monitors displaying the time remaining in the match mounted on corners of the field. No complaints there, it’s really helpful to have the time remaining in a match visible to us while driving.

This year, though, we have a problem. The goals take up two corners. And the driver’s stations take up the other two. So there’s no way to mount them without having either my access to manually load objects compromised, or the monitors hidden by the nets.

I need to know if you are going to be putting the field monitors on the field, and where.

The VEX Competition Field Monitor Stand can be mounted either on the corner or centre of a wall panel. This year we expect that many events will mount them on the centre of the wall panel that is between both Goals,