Answered: Will any accessories be available for the new VEXplorer set?

I know that you probably can’t say and I will probably just have to wait and see, but I was wondering if there were any accessories to the VEXplorer that might be coming out soon?

I was looking in a Hammacher Schlemmer catalog that someone received at work and it had the VEXplorer set in it. They listed a price of $299.95 so I read the decription to see why it was so expensive. According to their description, the set they are selling includes a “belt-driven tank tread kit, an additional motor and joint that allow the extendable arm to rotate, and a rechargable battery pack.”

I have already purchased a VEXplorer set from (I couldn’t wait) and was really hoping that those accessories would be available for it.

If there is any information or hint about this that you can give out at this time, I know that we would all appreciate it.


We will be making some announcements next week. Stay tuned in…