Answered: Will new VEX LCD Display work with the new VEX Pro Microcontroller?

I was really excited about ordering the VEX LCD Display, but then I realized that I might not need it later. I was thinking about purchasing the new VEX Pro Microcontroller when it comes out later this year and it already has a LCD Display with buttons built in.

You had mentioned a trade-in program and if I trade my VEX .5 Microcontroller in on the VEX Pro Microcontroller, I didn’t know if I would still be able to use it.

I know that the VEX Pro Microcontroller has a serial port (according the information on the Wiki), but I didn’t know if it will support an external display?

If there is any information that you could give me about this, I would really appreciate it.


I just thought that I would give my post a bump. You are usually really good about answering the questions posted, but I never got an answer to this one.

I’m hoping that you will be able to answer it soon.


Unfortunately there are no plans for connecting the LCD Module to VEX Pro at this time.