Answered: Wing Blockers


Are blockers, shown in this thread here legal?

Taking into consideration how some intake stick nearly this far out of the robot, and that these dont spin so are less likely to be an entanglement - also they should be legal if the “gatebots” are legal, correct?

As well as a ruling, i would like to request specifics. For example can it be used at anytime? (as we were banned from using them apart from the last 10seconds)

If they are legal, and someone DELIBERATELY entangles themselves on them, are we DQ’d? If so, will people get DQ’d if someone deliberately gets entangled in their intake? (the same ruling should apply to both here, in my opinion)

Thanks :slight_smile:

There is nothing inherently illegal about the blockers depicted in that thread. Specifically, the design does not appear be an unnecessary risk of entanglement, thus does not violate <R3c> (quoted below).

Yes, this is correct.

Yes, it can be used anytime. There are no rules anywhere in the VEX Gateway Manual, which restrict the usage of specific mechanisms during specific times of the match.

Let’s take a look the specific entanglement rules from the Game section of the VEX Gateway Game manual.

Thus, if Team A intentionally entangles themselves in Team B’s robot, Team A would be the team at risk of being disqualified, not Team B. This ruling applies to all types of robots and mechanisms.

Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!