Answered: Wireless programming

I was browsing the wiki for some odd reason, and started to read about the Cortex controller. Our club already owns alot of them, and I was wondering about something stated on the wiki. “The VEX Cortex Microcontroller uses 802.11b/g for communications through a proprietary VEXnet implementation. This implementation is designed to eliminate the need for any knowledge of IP addresses, MAC addresses, security settings, and IP protocols. Just turn it on and it automatically connects to the correct Joystick.** Future VEXnet enhancements include plugging the VEXnet USB Adapter into your PC for programming, debugging, and driving from the PC.”** I’ve already tried to do this several times, and after a little bit of messing around, I decided to post on here. When will it come out? and will it be in an update of the master code or will it be something that we have to purchase separately?
Thank you!

This is still a planned future enhancement to the VEXnet system. At the current time we don’t have any details available for this feature.

I believe that if we do this it will involve purchasing a small hardware piece which enables this functionality… but we haven’t started working on this yet. There is nothing finalized, and no schedule for its release.


Thank you!