Answered: World Skills Standings Tie Breakers

I read in the Skills Appendix B that in the case where two teams are tied for the highest score, the tie will be broken by looking at
both teams’ next highest Programming Skills score… is this also the case for the World Skills Standings? If it is, many of the teams on robot events do not have the correct ranking (if I’m reading it correctly).

For example, look at the current rank for 12th, 13th, and 14th place worldwide. They are all tied with a score of 101, and yet 14th place has a higher programming skill than 13th place.

It’s also the case for 17th - 19th place, 25th - 27th place, 28th - 30th place, etc.

Is robotevents wrong? Am I missing something? Please clarify.

With much respect and appreciation!

You are reading it correctly. There was a bit of a glitch, but that has been fixed. The rankings are now correct, and we added a couple more columns to make things more clear. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!