Answered: Y-Cable on power expander

Rule <R12> clearly states:

We understand the intent is to prevent overheating and potential fire hazard?

We know from <R12> that it is legal to connect a Y-cable to each port on the Power Expander.

We also know that a 3-wire Y-cable from the Cortex to the Power Expander is legal (it’s essentially only a control wire controlling two Expander ports)

From logical extension of above, we assume therefore that it is legal to connect, say, Motor Port-2 to Expander PortA-in and PortB-in, and then to connect Expander PortA-out to motor controller 1 and to motor controller 2 via a Y-cable.

Please confirm that this is legal, or if not, why not. Many thanks.

I’ve moved this thread to the official Q&A.

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Yes, this is legal.