Answered: Y Cable Question

I had a question about y cable as i was looking through the rule book. I am planning on using 12 motors but i came upon this rule.

<R12> A maximum of one (1) VEX Y-cable can be used per Motor Port of the Microcontroller or
Power Expander. (You cannot “Y off a Y” to have more than two (2) motors controlled by the same
Motor Port.)

So theoretically i need 2 y cables in order for me to use 12 motors. but because of this rule i cannot. Can anybody clarify rule.

p.s. does anybody know if the power sent to the motors cuts in half if i use a y cable for 2 motors?\


You are not permitted to use more than one Y-Cable per Motor Port. However you are allowed to use more than one Y-Cable, provided that you use no more than one Y-Cable per motor port.