Answered: Y-Cabled LEDs

I have a few questions on LEDs and their legality in competition. First of all, are they legal at all? I’m pretty sure they are, but I can’t find any rules that mention them, so I just want to be sure. Secondly, can they be y-cabled together? <R12> Says that

This does not mention LEDs. Is it legal to y-cable LEDs together to function off of one cortex port? For my third question, <R12> also states that

Notice that it specifically says “MOTORS”. Assuming y-cabling LEDs is legal, does this mean that you can “Y off a Y” to have more than two LEDs controlled by the same port?

I just wanted to clarify that these LEDs would be functional (giving information about the robot’s internal state during the match), so they would not fall under non-function decorations.

Rule R5 states the following:

If a (functional) part is not referenced in any other rules, such as <R7>, then it is covered by this rule. Thus, the LEDs found in the VEX LED Indicator Pack are the only LED lights that are legal for (functional) competition use.

Yes, these are both legal.