Answered: You Can't Hoard in Skills, So..

Does SG9 apply to the skills match? I understand that the rulebook says all rules of the tournament (besides mobile goal and zone color) apply, but since the purpose of SG9 is to prevent hoarding, I wondered if maybe it was different in skills.

Let’s look at the full text of SG9:

To directly answer your question, yes, SG9 still applies in Skills Challenge matches. Robots may still never Possess more than one Cone at a time, Robots may still interact with Cones that are fully nested on upright Goals without those Cones counting towards the possession limit, etc.

That said, the hoarding portion of Note 1 specifically refers to keeping Cones away from an opposing alliance. Since there are no opposing alliances, then this specific portion would never come into play in a Skills match, in the same way that SG4 (the Pinning/Trapping rule) would never come into play.