Answered: Zip Tie touching floor tile...

Let’s say our robot has a “special” zip tie that is attached to a part of the robot so that it drags the ground in an area where the wheels wouldn’t be able to touch.

Since teams are allowed to move their robots during autonomous, (I’m talking a regular match NOT PSC) if the zip tie is touching the original starting tile and the wheels aren’t are we still allowed to reposition our robot?

I have two other questions as well… (I thought I would keep this to only one thread since the questions have a similar topic)

If our robot isn’t fully inside the starting tile are we allowed to touch parts of the robot that are outside of the plane of the starting tile?

Lastly, What is considered “The Starting Tile”? (try to follow this) The foam tiles have the “Teeth” that interlock with the other tiles. If a robot is touching one of these “teeth” but not the main “square” are we allowed to reposition our robot? Basically where does the starting tile plane end?

All of these questions are for clarification so that when we go to worlds we don’t end up getting DQ’ed for something we didn’t do on purpose.

Please respond soon!
Thank you very much!

Yes, the zip tie is part of your Robot, thus if it is touching the Alliance Starting Tile, the Robot is as well.

In a regular match, yes this would be legal, provided no other rules are violated.

The teeth are considered to be part of the Alliance Starting Tile.

Ok thank you very much for the clarification!

You’re welcome!