Answered: Zip ties on Chain Bar

Hello VEX GDC,
While looking for different methods to tighten chain for something like a chain bar, we realized we could use 1 or 2 zip ties in place of a chain link. I looked in the forum and the entire 4th section of the Game Manual, but found no mention of it being legal or illegal. So, would it be legal to use the zip ties from the VEX EDR website for the sole purpose of replacing a chain link in a chain loop to make it more taught? For the other people reading this, the zip tie wouldn’t make contact with the sprocket because it is going on a chain bar. Do not use this method (If it turns out to be legal) to tighten chain on something like a wheelbase, as it would make contact with sprockets.

Thank you for your help!

There are no rules preventing this, thus it is legal.