Answers: additional question

Yet another pinning question…lol

What is the least amount of time that would warrant a pinning count?

For example, if robot 1 passes opponent robot 2 and pushes them up against a field object for a second or less on their way to another part of the field, would that warrant a pinning count or more likely be considered incidental contact?

Yes, this would be most likely considered incidental contact. However the final determination will be made by the referee.


also… what would be the minimum time that pinning would warrant a count… 2 seconds … enough time to pass by another robot on the field in case of incidental contact or pinning?

It seems that there is a great deal of contact in round up, and having minimums for pinning would be just as helpful as having maximums. It would also help referees be more uniform when calling a pin if there is a minimum guideline as well.